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Longtime Partner Of Brian Sicknick Reflects On Year Since Capitol Riot

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died a day after responding to the Capitol riot last year.
Posted at 9:36 PM, Jan 12, 2022

The families of the five people who died following the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection are still seeking answers.

Sandra Garza was the longtime partner of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick. He died Jan. 7, 2021, after having two strokes the day after he responded to the attack on the Capitol. 

Garza spoke with Newsy about what's happened in the year since Sicknick died. She says she's angry because of former President "Donald Trump not acknowledging the horrors of Jan. 6, not contacting me, not acknowledging Brian's heroism that day and also, other Republican lawmakers not acknowledging the horrors of that day." 

When asked why she thought Trump or other Republican lawmakers have not reached out, she responded: "It's political. You know, obviously, this is not political for me. And I know the officers who testified, and obviously I've become friends with a lot of the officers that were there that day, as well as the family members and this is not political for us. This is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing. This is a human being thing. The fact that they're not acknowledging just the facts of what occurred is just atrocious."