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President-Elect Trump Clinches Electoral College

President-elect Donald Trump surpassed the 270 votes needed to secure the presidency early Monday evening.
Posted at 8:57 PM, Dec 19, 2016

The Electoral College has sealed the deal for President-elect Donald Trump. 

Late Monday afternoon, Trump had officially surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

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While Trump's victory was very much expected, so were protests.

Demonstrators were seen and heard in and around the places electors met to cast their votes.

And while there had been talk about "faithless electors" impacting Monday's vote, NPR reports most of the electors who disregarded their state's popular vote count were in states Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won.

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One of those states was Washington. Four of the state's 12 electors decided not to vote for Clinton. Three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell. One voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, who has vocally opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline and other similar projects. 

In Arizona, a large group of protesters gathered to urge the state's 11 electors not to vote for Trump. The state's electors aren't legally bound to vote for the candidate who won the state. Regardless, the state's electors voted unanimously for Trump.