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At Least 1 Dead, Up To 100 Injured In Hoboken, New Jersey, Train Crash

The cause of the crash is still unclear.
Posted at 10:32 AM, Sep 29, 2016

A commuter train crashed into a New Jersey rail station Thursday morning, leaving at least one person dead and as many as 100 more injured.

"The minute we turned around, we're approaching the station, so everybody is thinking the train is going to slow down. And it just collided. I saw a couple of gentlemen bleeding," passenger Jamie Weatherhead-Saul told WABC.

According to local media, the train smashed into New Jersey Transit's Hoboken terminal at about 9 a.m., causing major damage.

WNBC reports hospital officials first confirmed three fatalities but later downgraded the death toll to just one.

The cause of the crash wasn't immediately clear, but preliminary reports suggest it was an accident or caused by operator error.

The Hoboken station was the site of another train crash in 2011 that injured 34 people. It was reportedly caused by a mechanical failure.