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Subject Of 'Attractive Convict' Meme Suing Over Mugshot

Meagan Simmons filed a lawsuit again InstantCheckmate.com after the company used her mugshot in advertisements.
Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 02, 2014

The woman behind the 'attractive convict' meme is likely best known for getting in trouble with the law. But now, she's turning the tables. 

28-year-old Meagan Simmons is suing instantcheckmate.com for profiting off of using her image in ads. The site claims to be "the Internet's #1 source for background checks". Her attorney told the Tampa Bay Times, "If someone is going to use your image, they need to pay you for it."

HLN points out that since the site was using her image for strictly commercial purposes, she's got a case. 

"It's one thing for a photo to be out there, for people to have fun with you over the internet, to say all those nice things. ... It's another for a company to make a commercial profit predicated upon your image and likeness."

Simmons' mug shot first appeared online after a July 2010 DUI arrest. She says she only spent eight hours in jail and most of the charges against her were dropped or reduced.  (Via WPTV

The Florida mother of four says while the internet response to her sexy mugshot was flattering at first, it's actually caused her personal problems including people who've tracked down where she lives. (Via KnowYourMeme

She's seeking an undisclosed monetary compensation from the website and is demanding they stop using it.