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At Least One Dead In 50-Car Pileup On Pennsylvania Turnpike

A man was struck by a car while inspecting an earlier accident, causing dozens more vehicles to pile up with some drivers stranded for four hours.
Posted at 9:49 PM, Dec 08, 2013

At least one person is dead after an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike resulted in a more than 50-car pileup.

It all happened around 12:30 p.m. in southeastern Pennsylvania. A man involved in a wreck apparently got out of his car and was struck by another car. He was pronounced dead at the scene. (Via ABC)

That’s when other approaching vehicles began to pile up behind accident, with dozens eventually either damaged or stuck in the middle of the highway. (Via CBS)

Authorities eventually had to block off the westbound lanes of the turnpike and have drivers take a detour around the scene of the accident. Some drivers were stranded on the road for more than four hours. (Via Instagram / beejer)

Pictures from the scene showed drivers out of their cars talking with each other. Some walked along the line selling pizza at $5 a slice. (Via Complex)

Forecasters predicted less snow for the state than the storm ended up delivering. A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said it caught road crews off guard. (Via New York Daily News)

It’s largest in a string of wrecks resulting from the massive storm battering the northeast which has dumped close to six inches of snow on Pennsylvania alone.