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At Least 84 Graves Discovered Under Atlanta Golf Course

Sonar was used to find a hidden cemetery beneath a golf course in the Atlanta area. But who's buried there?
Posted at 8:45 AM, May 29, 2014

When you're ready to tee off, you probably don't expect it's from above a dead body. (Via Flickr / MoShotz)

But graves have been uncovered beneath an Atlanta golf course. WSB-TV reports locals told stories of a cemetery beneath the course...

and the discovery of an old map changed everything. 

"Used ground-penetrating sonar to locate the graves. ... No one had any idea there were this many graves here. Each one marked by a little flag."

Reporter Newspapers explains how that sonar was used: to look for air pockets that indicate graves.

"That's an air pocket, and it's at correct depth — down two-to-four foot. And the size indicates that's going to be a child."

As many as 84 graves were discovered beneath the course. The course has been there since the 1930s; it's unclear exactly how or why it was built over a cemetery.

According to the Northside Neighbor, the cemetery was likely for people who lived in poorhouses in the early 1900s. The hope is to have some sort of sign put up to recognize the people buried there.

And local historians do want to learn more about the people who were buried there and share their stories.