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Man Booked For Impersonating Officer After He Stops Real One

Police in St. Augustine, Florida, say a 20-year-old man couldn't have picked a worse person to pull over.
Posted at 10:07 AM, Jun 05, 2014

Investigators in Florida are describing what we have to imagine is one of those all-time facepalms. They say a 20-year-old man impersonated a police officer by trying to pull over an actual police officer.

This man, Matthew McMahon, was booked and released by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Tuesday in St. Augustine by the very men and women they say he tried to pretend to be.

The detective who eventually arrested McMahon told WTLV in Jacksonville he was driving an unmarked car, and he was "shocked" when the Ford Crown Vic behind him flashed a red and blue light bar.

WTLV REPORTER: "An outdated and out-of-service cop car pulled up next to him."


DET. CHANCE ANDERSON, ST. JOHNS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: "So I pulled over to confront the individual, at which point he pulled up next to me, kind of gave me the 'Slow down' look and pointed his finger at me."

Bad move, young man. Det. Chance Anderson says he quickly pulled over McMahon.

The booking site for the sheriff's office shows McMahon was arrested on suspicion of impersonating an officer and obstructing police.

The news inspired plenty of embarrassing fake-cop-pulls-over-real-cop headlines. (Via New York Daily NewsUSA Today)

The detective confirms McMahon has never been a certified law enforcement officer. The ironic thing — as if this story didn't already have enough? Anderson told WTLV part of his job is catching people who impersonate police.