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'Apparently' Kid Sensation Talks His Future In TV On 'GMA'

Does the little boy who stole our hearts in a live, local TV interview want to work in broadcast? "Good Morning America" found out.
Posted at 11:43 AM, Aug 06, 2014

So the kid who made us want to quit our jobs as journalists was on "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning. You've seen the viral vid from Pennsylvania's WNEP.

"Apparently sometimes I don't watch the news. ... Apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the powerball."

Yeah, we're never gonna be that good at reporting. 

The video got more than 3 million views in just a few days.

5-year-old Noah Ritter told "GMA" he loves being a celeb...

"It is so great because I've really never had any people like me." (laughs)

Aw. And remember Noah's grandpa? Turns out he had some influence against Michael Strahan's former team.

"I used to like the Giants but my grandfather brainwashed me into liking the Steelers." (laughs)

But Noah said despite his newfound fame, he has no desire to pursue broadcast. He told "GMA" what he does want to be when he grows up — the entire sit-down is worth a watch, and you should definitely see WNEP's original video if you haven't.

Noah's interview from that local county fair has made for plenty of puns in headlines — most of them about his future in live TV.

The Scranton Times-Tribune spoke with his grandfather, who said the family has gotten hundreds of calls for interview requests from Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and many more. He also gave a little more explanation about Noah's use of the word "apparently."

"​When he has nothing else to say, he says 'apparently.'"

We're all on board, Noah. Apparent — no. Obviously. We'll say obviously.