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ABC Anchor Elizabeth Vargas Returns To Rehab

ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas is back in rehab for alcohol dependency. She checked in during vacation.
Posted at 7:50 AM, Aug 18, 2014

ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas checked herself back into rehab for alcohol dependency. 

In a statement, Vargas wrote overcoming the disease is an "incredibly difficult process. I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that I am ashamed and sorry."

ABC confirmed the news about its 20/20 anchor and seemed supportive: "We look forward to having her back at ABC News when she feels ready to return.”

And while it's a personal battle, it still made headlines. Vargas said her battle has come to light, but she didn't break the news the first time around, someone else did. 

Vargas entered treatment last fall for alcohol dependecy as well. Just this January, she spoke to "Good Morning America" about it: 

"The amount of energy I expended keeping that secret and keeping this problem hidden from view, hidden from my family, from my friends, was exhausting."

She said in that interview part of her alcoholism stems from severe anxiety. Her father served in Vietnam, and when her mother went to work, she said she would have anxiety attacks.

The last we heard from Vargas on social media was August 11, when she tweeted about her sadness over the loss of Robin Williams and mentioned his fight with addiction.

The 51-year-old anchor checked herself into rehab while on vacation.

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