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9-Year-Old Gets Company To Change The Name Of 'Lazy' Pants

Adair Mahoney wrote a letter to retailer Vineyard Vines after seeing girls pajama pants listed as "lazy" pants and boys' listed as "lounge" pants.
Posted at 11:50 AM, Aug 31, 2015

If there's one person you shouldn't be calling lazy, it's this 9-year-old North Carolina girl. 

Adair Mahoney was shopping for some pajama pants on the Vineyard Vines website when she noticed pajama pants for boys were called "lounge pants" and for girls they were called "lazy pants." 

"I thought, 'Did they really just call me lazy?'" Adair told ABC

So she did something about it and wrote the company a strongly worded letter. 

"Can't we all just wear comfy pants?" Adair said.

Vineyard Vines' founders, Shep and Ian Murray, responded — apologizing to Adair, changing the name of the pants and even inviting her family out to the clothing manufacturer's headquarters. 

While the two words may seem similar, they have different definitions. Merriam-Webster describes "lounge" as "to spend time resting or relaxing." "Lazy," on the other hand, means "not liking to work hard or to be active." Yeah, one sounds a bit nicer than the other. 

While at Vineyard Vines headquarters, Adair even got to make her own pair of pajama pants. She designed them with fish going one way and a whale going the other. 

"She clearly is that whale. She's not afraid to follow her own path," Murray said.