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3 Men, Including 2 Ex-Cops, Charged With 1994 Double Murder

Three men, including two ex-cops, have been charged in connection with the 1994 murders of two Kentucky prostitutes.
Posted at 8:06 AM, Nov 22, 2013

Nearly two decades after two women were found violently murdered at a Kentucky massage parlor that was allegedly also a brothel, three men, including two former police officers, have been charged with their deaths.

"A grand jury indicted 43-year-old Edward Carter along with Frank Black Jr. and Leslie Duncan for a 1994 double murder." (Via WTVQ)

Former Officer Carter was charged with two counts of murder in connection to the alleged prostitutes' deaths. Black, who was never a police officer, has also been charged with two counts of murder. (Via WHAS)

Duncan, the other ex-cop, was charged with two counts of complicity to murder. He's already serving a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in September to tampering with physical evidence in this very case. (Via CNN)

The investigation into the deaths of 18-year-old Gloria Ross and 22-year-old Candace Belt has been open and unsolved for almost twenty years now. 

"Oh yeah, totally surprised. I didn't think it would ever be solved, to tell you the truth." (Via WAVE)

According to authorities, Ross and Belt were shot and stabbed to death at the New Life Massage Parlor back in 1994. They reportedly worked at the parlor as prostitutes. (Via WMBF)

But other former police officers and even the brothel's madam Tammy Papler have reportedly accused Carter and Duncan for the slayings and even tampering with evidence at the crime scene in an attempt to cover their tracks.

"They're responsible for two girls' lives. They took them, they covered it up, they did plenty of illegal things. And now I'm gonna see fit that they go to jail." (Via CNN)

Papler claimed she had been bribing police to allow her to operate what was essentially a prostitution business inside the massage parlor. She said the killings took place after she stopped paying. (Via WLEX)

But despite all the accusations, investigators are keeping quiet about the case's finer details because it is still an active investigation. Carter and Black are being held in lieu of $1 million bail.