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2 Colo. Teens Arrested In Alleged School Shooting Plot

Colorado police arrested two teen boys who they say were plotting a school shooting.
Posted at 10:32 AM, Dec 21, 2013

Barely a week after a shooting at a Colorado high school left one student seriously injured, police arrested two teen boys who they say were plotting a school shooting of their own in the same state.

"Police say a 15-year-old student was making threats on Thursday morning to shoot up the school saying he idolized the Columbine High School shooters. Another student believed to be part of that plan was arrested." (Via KMGH)

The specific details of the 15-year-old and 16-year-old boys' plot are still unclear, but police say they were planning to shoot up Trinidad High School sometime after winter break. (Via KKTV)

"My grandson will go back to school after the new year, and I'm afraid for him." (Via KRDO)​

Trinidad's police chief said Friday the school's resource officer was made aware of the threat Thursday by an anonymous tip, and extra security was reportedly immediately put in place.

"I believe these kids talked about this enough, had already made some initial plans." (Via KRDO)

Police also reportedly searched the boys' homes and didn't uncover any weapons, but they say the teens had discussed what they could do to get some.

According to NBC, the boys face charges of making a credible threat to a school and felony inciting destruction of life or property. Because they are both minors, their names will not be released.

Trinidad is about 170 miles south of Centennial, where police say Karl Halverson Pierson walked into Arapahoe High School last week with a shotgun and shot a fellow student before committing suicide. (Via ABC)

The wounded student, Claire Davis, is still in a coma and is in what doctors are calling "very critical condition." (Via Los Angeles Times)

An investigation into the Trinidad incident is still underway, but authorities say one of the boys was bullied and that could have led to the shooting plot.