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1 Dead After Crash At Busy NYC Intersection

A New York City bus driver is dead after his bus collided with a box truck, which police believe was stolen.
Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 12, 2014

A New York City bus driver is dead after police say a bus and a stolen box truck collided in Manhattan. 

"That crash happened about 5:30, Seventh Avenue and 14th Street. ... Both vehicles wound up on the sidewalk and under some scaffolding. Four people were hurt, including the driver of the truck." (Via WNBC)

The truck driver's injuries are reportedly minor. The bus, on the other hand, was carrying two people at the time of the crash, and both were hurt. (Via News 12 Long Island

According to WCBS, the fourth injury was a coffee cart vendor who was hit by the truck.  

The busy intersection was blocked off all morning, and traffic was severely backed up. The impact of the crash ejected the bus driver, who became crushed under the weight of the vehicle.  

New York Daily News says his name was William Pena, described as "dedicated" to the job he'd done since 1996. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

As for the driver of the stolen truck, that person is reportedly in the hospital and being questioned by police, but no charges have been filed.