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Tampa Mansion Fire Ruled A Murder-Suicide

Authorities said Friday they believe Darrin Campbell killed his wife and his children, before setting his home on fire and taking his own life.
Posted at 12:01 AM, May 10, 2014

Authorities in Tampa, Florida said Friday the mansion fire in an upscale Tampa-area neighborhood, along with the deaths of Darrin Campbell and his family, were no accident. (Via WFTS)

"Darrin Campbell ... systematically shot his son, daughter and his wife in the head." (Via Tampa Bay Times)

"He then placed fireworks throughout the residence, used an accelerant to assist in lighting the fire, lit the fire, and then shot himself." (Via WFTS)

Authorities made these announcements after investigating what started the house fire that razed the 5,800-square-foot mansion to the ground. While the investigation isn't complete, local authorities say they've developed a timeline of events leading up to Wednesday's tragedy. 

"His plan was in the works for days. Surveillance video showed Campbell buying fireworks Sunday morning and before that, he purchased gas cans. And the day before this fire, he bought gasoline." (Via WFLA)

According to CNN, authorities believe Campbell purchased $600 worth of fireworks and they believe the gun he used to kill his family and commit suicide was registered in his name. 

The Campbell's had been renting the house from former tennis star James Blake for the past two years. Friends and neighbors of the Campbells told reporters they saw no red flags that something could've been wrong and that the two children, Colin and Megan, had bright futures ahead of them. 

"His son, I was really good friends with him. He hasn't done anything wrong ever. And the daughter, she was beautiful and her parents were great people." (Via CNN)

Investigators have yet to find a motive, but WFTS reports authorities will continue conducting interviews with friends, relatives and coworkers and perform a financial audit.