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Police Say Suspected Serial Killers Wore GPS Bracelets

Two convicted sex offenders in California are now being charged as serial killers. Police say they are responsible for killing four women.
Posted at 12:15 PM, Apr 15, 2014

Two known sex offenders out on probation in Anaheim, Calif., are now being charged for multiple murders. Police say the men's GPS ankle bracelets helped crack the case.

"Anaheim police have charged Franc Cano and Stephen Dean Gordon with the rapes and murders of four women. The men were out on parole wearing GPS bracelets." (Via KNBC)

Previously, Cano and Gordon were convicted for lewd or lascivious acts with children under the age of 14. But until now they hadn't been connected to the death of a prostitute or three other missing women. (Via State of California)

However, KTLA reports last month's discovery of a 21-year-old woman's body at an Anaheim recycling plant was the first clue serial killers may be behind it all. 

"The body was later identified as Jarrae Nykkole Estepp of Oklahoma. Police soon connected Stephen Gordon and Franc Cano to her murder." (Via KTLA)

Turns out the data from their GPS trackers showed these suspects frequented the areas where Estepp was found and the other three women disappeared.

But per the rules from their release from jail, both men were supposed to be checking in with police every 30 days. So how do investigators think they committed four murders that seemingly went unnoticed? (Via KCAL)

KABC reports police say when the first woman disappeared, the suspects were not on their radar. At that time, they had no reason to believe these men were responsible. 

But now, both Cano and Gordon face four felony counts of special circumstances murder and four felony counts of rape. The Orange County Weekly reports, though, there's a lot unknown about the investigation or at least details police aren't sharing yet.

For instance: "How did the report of the missing women lead to police zeroing in on the pair of men? How do they know the women missing from Santa Ana are dead? Are there incriminating witnesses or evidence?" 

If convicted, Cano and Gordon could face either life in prison without parole or the death penalty. They are expected to be arraigned on Tuesday.