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Man Removed From Southwest Flight After Trying To Open Hatch

A Southwest passenger tried to open the plane's rear hatch midflight, resulting in screams from the flight attendant and passenger intervention.
Posted at 10:06 AM, Apr 14, 2014

A man on board a Southwest flight seemingly had some kind of breakdown Sunday. Midflight he tried to open one of the plane's rear hatches. 

KABC spoke with passenger Monique Lawler, who captured video of the man being escorted off after an emergency landing. She described when he tried to open the hatch:

"One of the airlines stewardesses just started screaming."

According to passengers, the man also at one point came out of the bathroom all wet. The flight was headed from Chicago to Sacramento, and once the man tried to open the hatch, he was subdued by at least one other passenger. The captain then announced they'd be making an emergency landing in Omaha.

BothWGN and WMAQ in Chicago report multiple passengers helped tackle the man, whose name had not been released as of early Monday morning.

WMAQ also has word from Southwest that ultimately, the flight landed about two hours late.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the flight was carrying 135 people and five crew members.

Passengers said once the man was removed from the plane, they broke into applause, commending those who helped take him down and take him off. There's no further information yet as to why he acted so strangely.