Team USA Fans React To U.S. World Cup Loss To Netherlands

The last time the men's team advanced past the knockout round – was when Team USA beat Mexico – way back in 2002.
Posted at 8:26 PM, Dec 03, 2022

American fans had been waiting for this moment, an opportunity to root for Team USA in the men's World Cup – who kicked off as underdogs against the Netherlands.

It brought new fans and die-hard soccer — Oops! sorry, we mean fútbol— fans.

“I’m a soccer fan, a huge one at that. I'm excited about the opportunity,” said Cesar Alfaro, one of the fans watching the game at The Globe Pub in Chicago.  

The mood was "electric."

“I’m just here to drink beer and watch soccer,” said Billly Lucente.

It had been eight years since Team USA made it this far. In fact, the team didn't even qualify for the tournament in 2018. And the last time the men's team advanced past the knockout round – was when Team USA beat Mexico – way back in 2002. 

“I’m excited to be here with tons of other fans and I’m hopeful we can pull it off,” said Lily Vanderbloemen.

But the loud cheers quieted down as the Dutch scored two goals in the first half of the game, but then, Haji Wright scored a goal for Team USA. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

America's weak defense allowed the Netherlands to score again; a goal by Denzel Dumfries eliminated Team USA with a final score: 3 – 1 Dutch. 

“It’s a disappointing loss the way we played, but I’m happy with our team,” said Eric Lundgren. 

The Americans were the second youngest team in the entire tournament— a promising future for when the World Cup comes to the U.S. in 2026. 

"To be at another World Cup is exciting to see, and I love our talent,” said Eric Lundgren

One lone Netherlands fan braved it out to root for her team. 

"It would have been a shocker if the U.S. had won so yeah, I’m very pleased with the results,” said Viña Snijders. 

Despite the disappointing loss, Team USA played their heart out for the world to see.

They, along with 31 teams from around the world, have come together for the World Cup.

The championship scheduled for December 18.