Sochi 2014: 'Jailbreak' Johnny; Sage Gets First Gold

U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn breaks his bathroom door after getting locked inside and snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg gets the first gold of the Olympics.
Posted at 7:12 PM, Feb 08, 2014

It seems that #sochiproblems aren't just for journalists. The real-life hashtag extended to the athletes Saturday as U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn had to break out of his bathroom because the door was jammed.

He captured the cartoonish door damage in a tweet saying, "I used my bobsled training to break out. #SochiJailBreak" (Via Twitter / @JohnnyQuinnUSA)

The 30-year-old Quinn is a former professional football player, having played in the NFL and the CFL. He has a ton of videos on YouTube of him jumping high, running fast and lifting heavy things, so the door didn't stand a chance in the first place.

But a writer for SB Nation puts Quinn's Hulk-smash under further review writing, "Are you supposed to be able to peel bathroom doors apart like they're cardboard?" Short answer: no. 

Unless you're the Kool-Aid man, an animated pitcher of sugary drink that is notoriously opposed to using more traditional methods of entering homes. (Via Kraft Foods)

Saturday, the U.S. national bobsled team appeared on the Today Show and instead of bashing the accommodations in Sochi, Quinn took the high road.  

"Well it was an unfortunate situation, but I got out safely. It could've happened to anyone. The nice thing is that the venue has been phenomenal. The Russians have done a great job with the venue." (Via NBC)

Quinn made a few headlines for his breakout, but American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg is getting attention for a different reason: winning the first gold medal of the 2014 Olympic games. 

Kotsenburg, a 20-year-old from Park City, Utah, won the first ever gold medal for the brand new slopestyle competition. And according to one ESPN writer, he did it with style, winning the competition without landing a triple — something most riders thought would be needed to win. 

Kotsenburg tweeted his excitement after the win, saying, "WOW!! I just won the Olympics!! Bringing back the first Gold here to the USA!" 

According to The Washington Post, the big win breaks a long drought for Kotsenburg that's pretty hard to believe. Until three weeks ago, he says he hadn't won a snowboarding competition since he was 11 years old.