Royce Gracie: Ken Shamrock Isn't The Godfather Of MMA, 'He Lost To Me'

Newsy's Matt Moreno spoke with MMA fighter Royce Gracie about his upcoming fight against Ken Shamrock on Feb. 19 at Bellator 149.
Posted at 2:39 PM, Feb 04, 2016

"He just self-proclaims. He just talks too much. ... When you self-proclaim that you are the godfather of MMA, how can you be the godfather of MMA when he lost to me?" UFC fighter Royce Gracie said.

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie is not a fan of his Bellator 149 opponent, Ken Shamrock.

"When he self-proclaims himself as the most dangerous man, it's like 'really?' ... If you know how to fight and you know what you can do, you don't need to act like that," Gracie said.

After a nearly 10-year hiatus, Gracie is returning to MMA at Bellator 149.

This is the third matchup between Gracie and Shamrock.

Gracie beat Shamrock by submission at UFC 1 in 1993.

Their second match, in 1995, ended in a draw.

"He didn't want to fight me. He just sat on me and held me down for 36 minutes to a draw. Now, we're going to put an end to this," Gracie said.

Gracie fights Shamrock on Feb. 19 in Houston.

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