NCAA National Championship Game By The Numbers

#8 Kentucky and #7 Connecticut will play Monday night for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament National Championship.
Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 07, 2014

You've likely already thrown your March Madness bracket away. Honestly, what are the chances of 7th-seeded Connecticut and 8th-seeded Kentucky playing in the National Championship game?!

Well, not very good. And your chances of predicting that were even worse. Only 1,780 brackets out of more than 11 million submitted to ESPN predicted a UConn-Kentucky finale. (Via ESPN

Yes, you had not even half a percentage of a chance of calling this one! Let's take a look at some of the other numbers going into Monday's game. 

First off, the number 15. Add the 7th seed plus the 8th seed and you get 15 — the highest ever combined seed total to meet up in the National Championship game. USA Today reports the previous record holder was 11 — achieved when #8 Butler played #3 UConn in 2011.

Next, how about 11? That's the combined total of men's basketball National Championships the teams have — eight for Kentucky and three for UConn. And you don't have to go too far back to track down their most recent. (Via Lexington Herald-Leader

Kentucky nabbed the title just two years ago in 2012 and UConn the year before in 2011. (Via Bleacher Report) (Via SB Nation

Four — the number of times UConn and Kentucky have played each other. The Huskies hold the advantage with a 3-1 record over the Wildcats with their last matchup coming in the 2011 Final Four. If you're following along, you can probably guess just how the Huskies fared that year... (Via Crave Online

Then, there's the number one — the amount of years Kentucky's current starting five have yet to complete. No other all-rookie starting lineup has ever won the National Championship and just one other has competed in it. Michigan's Fab Five made it to the title game, but lost. (Via CBS Sports

Last not least, the number zero. That's how many McDonald's All-Americans are on UConn's squad. Looks like even those less-hyped players coming out of high school can still play ball. (Via The Wall Street Journal

And if you didn't lose enough money at the beginning of your bracket and want to try again —

Kentucky goes into the game as slight favorites at 2.5 points over UConn. (Via Las Vegas Sun