Boston Marathon Sees Multiple Wedding Proposals

Three couples got engaged during Monday's Boston Marathon.
Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 22, 2014

Last year, the Boston Marathon was filled with heartbreak, but this year, some runners decided to turn sadness into joy ... by getting down on one knee and asking a very important question.

"John Duncan, a 16-time Boston Marathon competitor, was more anxious to make it to the top of Heartbreak Hill than he was to make it to the finish line. See, at the top was his girlfriend, and that's where he asked her to marry him." (Via HLN

After watching that video, it's pretty easy to guess that Duncan's girlfriend, Jody Nili, said yes. But they weren't the only couple to get engaged at the marathon.

WBZ-TV caught up with Greg Picklesimer and his now-fiancee Carla White after he popped the big question. Picklesimer talked about about why he thought this was the time to get down on one knee.

"After everything that happened, I realized after that the people you love and your own life can be taken away from you so easily. ... I really didn't want to lose that, ever."

And a writer for Fox Sports was in the right place at the right time, tweeting out that a third couple got engaged sometime during the marathon Monday.

Seems like this year's Boston Marathon is a place for new beginnings. Congratulations to all the happy couples.