MLB Approves Expanded Replay For 2014 Season

The extended replay system will allow managers to challenge disputed or controversial calls on the field.
Posted at 9:30 PM, Jan 16, 2014

Gone are the days of relying on vision alone to officiate a Major League Baseball game. MLB owners unanimously approved expanded replay Thursday, which would subject most disputed calls to a second look. 

Starting next season, managers will be allowed to challenge a play once per game. If the challenge is successful, the manager gets one more. If all challenges are exhausted, umpires can call for a review on their own. (Via Flickr / Keith Allison)

Before, video reviews were only allowed for boundary calls on homeruns. Under the new policy, a laundry list of calls will become reviewable, including ground rule doubles, fan interference, hitting a batter with a pitch and more. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Labraun90)

The MLB's press release on the change notes umpires will have access to a Replay Command Center at the MLB Advanced Media HQ in New York. If a call is under review, the umpires on the field will communicate with Replay Officials at the command center for the ultimate ruling. 

Another change: teams will also be able to put disputed plays on stadium video boards for all to see — even if those plays aren't under review. (Via GeekWire)

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig welcomed the approval at a press conference. "I'm pleased with what we did here today and it's another one in a long list of changes that will make this sport even better than it is."

Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer also praised the new policy, tweeting "Umps have an impossible job and this should better the game." ​(Via Twitter / @Max_Scherzer)

Braves president John Schuerholz, who was on the committee to form the replay system, said the MLB will continue to work on the system over the next three years to make sure it's solid fit for baseball.