Kate Hansen Reveals Playlist For Viral Olympic Dancing

The athlete has become known more for dancing than her sport (the luge), and now she's revealed her exact playlist.
Posted at 9:16 AM, Feb 13, 2014

She's the luger with moves — Kate Hansen's warm-up dance to Beyonce has gone viral, and now — we know her exact playlist.

The Today Show got the Oympian's specific song selection — it's all Beyonce, save for "Run It" at the end there. And No. 1: "Crazy in Love."

Which is about how Americans are feeling about Hansen. Vids of her warm-up dances have been going viral — she's got no dance training, just a lot of spirit. (Via YouTube / katehansen92)

And she's even feeling the love from Queen B herself. Beyonce apparently heard about Hansen and her dancin', and posted about the Olympian on her Facebook page. (Via Sony Music Entertainment / Beyonce)

A simple message — go Kate! (Via Facebook / Beyonce)

Hansen told NBC,​ "[Beyonce] just gets me as a person" and said “I just grew up loving hip-hop, and watching movies like ‘Step Up.' I broke my foot at [the] beginning of [the] season — I couldn’t run, but I could stand in place and dance so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Yeah — she's made standing in place pretty cool. Hansen didn't medal, but she still danced her way into America's hearts.

And when one of her teammate Erin Hamlin did grab the Bronze, it needed to be "dance blessed." That included Twerking by Hansen — and no music needed. (Via Instagram / erinhamlin)

And perhaps no medal needed — many of Hansen's fans have a great idea for her continued popularity: Kate on next season of "Dancing With the Stars." (Via Twitter /@editmaster, Twitter / @bookgirlchicago)