'Hot' Super Bowl Ref Clete Blakeman Steals Twitter Users' Hearts

This was Clete Blakeman's first Super Bowl as lead official but definitely not his first time in the spotlight — for better or worse.
Posted at 12:26 PM, Feb 08, 2016

Super Bowl 50 had a little bit for everyone: competitive football, funny commercials, hot referees ...

Yeah, NFL referee Clete Blakeman caught the eyes of some of the millions of viewers tuning in on Sunday. 

The viewers lit up Twitter with comments on just how hot they thought he was

Even Bravo star Andy Cohen took note

It was enough attention that someone made a fake Twitter account in the ref's image. 

Blakeman started his refereeing career shortly after graduating from the University of Nebraska in 1987, where he was backup quarterback for four years. 

He joined the NFL as a game official in 2008. 

This was Blakeman's first Super Bowl as lead official, but he's used to getting plenty of media attention by now. 

Remember Deflategate last year? Yeah, Blakeman was the alternate official in charge of testing the New England Patriots' and Indianapolis Colts' footballs at the AFC Championship game. 

Blakeman is also the same one who messed up the overtime coin toss at the Arizona Cardinals/Green Bay Packers NFC divisional playoff game weeks before the Super Bowl. 

Is this a bad time to mention Blakeman is married with two kids? Sorry to break your hearts. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.