Grandparents run, tumble to finish at first-ever event for racetrack

The Emerald Downs racetrack in Washington hosted a 'Grandparents Weekend,' and a group of sporty seniors didn't exactly gallop to the finish line.
Posted at 7:12 PM, Jun 27, 2023

Let's hope these grandparents weren't too sore this week after some pretty big tumbles into the dirt of Auburn, Washington's Emerald Downs horse racetrack. 

But these seniors became competitive, running with all of the energy they could muster on a sunny Sunday as the track hosted its "Grandparents Weekend." The prizes were impressive. 

Grandparents were given free admission. For the races, the men and women competing were allowed to walk, jog or run.

These grandparents went hard for the full 40 yards of the sprint after the gates released them to rush off in the stakes, on foot to the finish line.

Maybe they were motivated by the $10 Old Fashioned drinks being served, or the $5 apple pies and chicken noodle soups the Emerald Downs catering crews were offering. Grandparents love a good bargain, after all. 

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It was the first-ever race of its kind for the track. 

Steve Butler of Everett, Washington won the race and said it was his first race in decades. 

Emerald Downs said they believe it might have been the first time a sporting event celebrated grandparents. 

Well, while we're not quite sure of that, maybe in their downtime they can try outpickleball or golf, which might involve less risk for injuries.