Florida A&M suspends football activities due to unauthorized rap video

Rapper Real Boston Richie is seen in the team's locker room, wearing a helmet and Florida A&M apparel.
Florida A&M football team
Posted at 1:45 PM, Jul 23, 2023

The college football season is right around the corner and Florida A&M's future is uncertain. 

The university's head football coach announced that he has suspended all football activities after an unauthorized rap video was filmed on campus.

Rapper Real Boston Richie is seen in the team's locker room, wearing a helmet and Florida A&M apparel. 

"The video contained graphic language that is not consistent with Florida A&M's core values, principles and beliefs," said coach Willie Simmons. 

Several players from the football team are also seen in the video, Simmons told The Associated Press.

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"It is a privilege to wear the Orange and Green and as a football program our young men have failed to live up to the standard set before us," Simmons said. 

An investigation is reportedly underway to determine who gave the rapper access to the athletic facility. 

Florida A&M plays in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. They finished the 2022 season with nine wins and two losses. 

Their first practice ahead of the 2023 season is reportedly scheduled for Aug. 4, but it's unclear whether that will still happen. However, Simmons appeared confident in the team's ability to bounce back from this incident. 

"They will all learn from this mishap and we will continue to work hard every day to become the best version of ourselves," he said. 

Florida A&M's first game of the season is scheduled against Jackson State on Sept 3. 

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