Buffalo Bills Offering Money, Tix To Shovel Snow At Stadium

The Bills are offering to pay fans $10 per hour plus free tickets to help shovel the stadium out of its current white abyss.
Posted at 11:56 PM, Nov 19, 2014

Prior to last week, Ralph Wilson Stadium — where the Buffalo Bills play their homes games — looked a lot like this.

Now fast forward to this week: a few snowflakes later and let's just say the complex isn't exactly ready to host a game.

But Buffalo is scheduled to host AFC East rival the New York Jets this Sunday. And the Bills front office is determined to get the field ready for play — even if it means paying fans to help clear it.

The Bills tweeted Wednesday offering to pay fans $10 per hour plus free tickets to help shovel the stadium out of its current white abyss.

Assuming some fans take them up on the offer, they'll certainly have their work cut out for them — that is, if they can manage to get to the stadium itself once the city's traveling ban is lifted.

BUFFALO MAYOR BYRON BROWN VIA CNN: "It's probably heavier than anything that we have seen in over 40 years."

The snowstorms pummeling Buffalo recently dumped more than five feet of the white stuff with more on the way.

And Ralph Wilson Stadium didn't get off easy. The grounds crew and whoever else helps clean up will have the arduous task of removing 220,000 tons of snow from the stadium. (Video via WKBW)

That's not to say the team is a stranger to dealing with inclement weather — it kind of goes with the territory in upstate New York. But usually not this much. 

The Bills VP of Operations told says it's "four times the amount of snow they've ever had in the stadium in a week leading up to a home game."

ESPN BILLS REPORTER MIKE RODAK"Normally, it takes them three days to remove one foot of snow. And there's been four feet of snow already this week. ... So, this is something the Bills have never had to deal with before."

Interestingly, the Bills completed renovations on Ralph Wilson Stadium over the Summer, including a bigger scoreboard and wider gates for easier entry. One thing left off the construction plans: a dome or a roof. (Video via Metzinger Productions)

Former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano was in the running to purchase the Bills over the summer before another bidder took the team. He reportedly said in June the stadium could use a roof. (Video via WYRK)

"I don't know if it'll have a sliding roof or just a permanent roof, but my guess is it will be covered. And the state government, our governor and some of our U.S. senators are very much in favor of this happening."

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport says it's ultimately the league's decision to decide whether this weekend's game will be played or not. The NFL is expected to make that call by Friday.

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