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Biden campaign adviser Michael Tyler talks state of race 6 months out

Tyler, the Biden-Harris campaign’s communications director, talks about campaign fundraising and key issues like abortion and the protests over the war in Gaza.
Biden-Harris communications director Michael Tyler
Posted at 9:00 AM, May 04, 2024

Six months ahead of election day, Scripps News is talking with one of President Biden’s top advisers, Michael Tyler, about the state of the race.

Tyler is the Biden-Harris campaign’s communications director and was a guest on “The Race: Weekend.”

Moderator Joe St. George asked Tyler why his candidate was down in all major swing states and whether the campaign was in need of a shakeup.

"We know this is going to be an incredibly close race," Tyler said. "On all the metrics that really matter right now this campaign is on its front foot while the Trump campaign is on its back foot."

Tyler points to money raised and over one hundred campaign offices that have opened in key swing states in recent weeks.

“We are not running a campaign to win a polling cycle in April or May,” Tyler said.

On reproductive rights, St. George asked Tyler if his campaign may be focusing too much on abortion

“I don’t think that is true at all,” Tyler said. “I think if you ask the American people, particularly women in this country, what matters to them and what they will be going to the ballot box on, this issue is incredibly important."

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On the rise of protests at college campuses, St. George asked if Democrats were worried it could cost them the election.

“Young people are making their voices heard. This president hears them and that is why he is working relentlessly to make sure we can increase humanitarian aid into Gaza,” Tyler said.

Tyler repeatedly criticized former President Trump during the interview, stressing that he believes that Mr. Trump is “not fighting for young people” and that he is “fighting for himself.”

On debates, Tyler did not commit President Biden to participating in all three debates scheduled by the Presidential Debate Commission.

“This is a process that takes place over the course of the summer,” Tyler said. “I don’t have any news,” he added.

St. George also asked Tyler if Trump can still win if he is a convicted felon by election day.

“We know there is one way to beat Donald Trump, and that is the ballot box in November.”