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Texans Take To TikTok To Document Freeze, Power Outages

TikTok users in the Lone Star State showed off the first-hand effects of the freezing temperatures, including frozen fish tanks and burst pipes.
Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 17, 2021

"Yo, look at my daughter’s fish tank! Oh my gosh, that fish is dead," said TikTok user @ray.kay13.

Texans are taking to TikTok to show first-hand accounts of the effects of the freezing weather and power outages.

"So here we are in the middle of a Texas blizzard, and our power is out. I’ve started converting my dining room into a barn," said TikTok user @tinyhoovesrescuetexas.

Some TikTok users filmed themselves rationing water by pouring it into empty garbage cans, including captions like "we gotta flush the toilets somehow."

Others documented themselves trying to keep warm. One TikTok user posted that they were burning pieces of their fence to keep a fire going.  

"We covered up the windows the best we could, and then we got tarping and we tarped around the fire," said TikTok user @alissevaughn.

Many users revealed the damage done to their homes by the freezing cold, including burst pipes. 

"Mom, this is no time to make a TikTok! I'm not making a TikTok, I'm just filming what's happening!" 

Still, others tried to find some light and humor in the situation.

"Okay, flip it back, flip it back," said TikTok user @jesscarpenter.