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Musk shows 'w' painted over on sign at Twitter's headquarters

Elon Musk tweeted a photo of the 'w' in the Twitter sign covered up on the company's building in San Francisco.
Posted at 6:16 AM, Apr 11, 2023

Billionaire and Twitter boss Elon Musk tweeted a photo indicating he tried to cover the "w" in the company's Twitter sign on the building at its San Francisco location with white paint to have the sign say "Titter."

Musk sent out a photo on Twitter Sunday showing the sign attached to the company's headquarters with what appeared to be sloppy white paint over the "w."

It wasn't clear if the sign was actually painted or if the photo was digitally altered. 

Another photo showed shared by another user on the platform showed the 'w' in the sign appearing to be further covered by some other material. 

Musk also reported that he changed his screen name to "Mr. Tweet" and said he was stuck with the name for a period of time. 

Musk also appeared to approve recently changing the Twitter bird logo to the Shiba Inu image that is related to the cryptocurrency doge coin. 

Musk took control of Twitter last year. In the months since, he implemented Twitter Blue, which will eventually mean notable accounts subject to impersonation that don't pay for the service will have their verification removed. Twitter also now responds to press inquiries by using a poop emoji. 

A combination photo of the Dogecoin logo and Elon Musk.

Dogecoin price soars after Musk changes Twitter logo

The cheeky logo change comes following an exchange Musk had with one Twitter user last year, who said he should replace the bird logo with a doge.