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Facebook Created A Unit Of Time You Probably Won't Use

The social media giant has made a unit of time for visual and audio effects.
Posted at 9:40 AM, Jan 23, 2018

Facebook made a new unit of time — frame ticks, or flicks. One flick is equal to exactly one 705,600,000th of a second, and you probably won't use it unless you work with visual or audio effects. 

That's because flicks deal with frames per second. The typical movie is shot with 24 frames per second, so each of those frames equals 29,400,000 flicks. 

It's a really big number, but the idea is to make life a little easier for people working with video or audio, because they have to work with fractions of a second. 

Facebook is offering its code online free for people who want to download it and put flicks to use.