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Singer Paula Abdul Introduces Smart Audio Sunglasses At CES

Headphone technology took center stage at CES. Scripps News sits down with Paula Abdul about her new headphones.
Posted at 9:07 PM, Jan 06, 2023

At CES in Las Vegas it’s tough to keep track of all the new tech. You can drive it, you can fly it and you can wear it — the tech that makes you look good. The German company Nova makes a first-of-its-kind pair of earrings, with bluetooth speakers and microphone hidden inside faux pearls. 

"They look like jewelry earrings. But in fact they are smart, and you can connect them by Bluetooth to your phone and listen to music or make any phone call," said Laurence Gaubert, CEO of Nova products. 

The price tag is more than your typical earbud. The gold version runs about $700. But the many audio offerings at CES reflect a headphone industry that is growing, and already worth around $25 billion a year. 

Antonio Meze designs high-end headphones with an old-fashioned cable — for better quality, he says. 

"People are looking for this because it’s a very noisy world, it’s a very busy world. We need to dive deep into music," said Meze, lead designer and founder of Meze Audio.

Then there are sunglasses with speakers. Listen to music or take a call from a surprising tech entrepreneur. 

Music and dance superstar Paula Abdul showed us her new glasses she calls "Idol-Eyes," starting at about 200 bucks. 

"These are the first-ever fashionable smart glasses," Abdul said. 

It’s her first venture into the daunting tech world and she says it won’t be the last. 

"I take it very seriously when I’m crossing over into different platforms of a career. The most important thing for me is. It’s all in the quality of what you’re putting out there," Abdul said. 

It's tech you can’t always see — but you can definitely hear. 

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