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Study: Pollution's Effects On Lifespan May Start In The Womb

A new study found exposure to air pollution in utero could shorten life expectancy.
Posted at 4:35 PM, Oct 16, 2017

The potential effects that pollution has on lifespan could start in the womb.

JAMA Pediatrics published a report Monday showing a link between prenatal exposure to air pollution and the aging process.

The study looked at more than 600 moms and newborns, measuring pollution exposure and biological aging markers known as telomeres.

It found mothers with more exposure to air pollution had babies with shorter telomeres, which some scientists say are linked to shorter lifespans.

Researchers note that even low levels of pollution can contribute to shorter life expectancy and have adverse health effects later in life.

While the findings add to other studies on human aging and environmental factors like pollution, the authors say more follow-up research should be done.