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Obese, 44-Pound Baby Goes On Lifesaving Diet

Santiago, a baby boy who is only 8 months old, already weighs 44 pounds. He is now being placed on a special diet.
Posted at 9:44 AM, Mar 20, 2014

An 8-month-old baby boy from Colombia weighs in at a whopping 44 pounds. 

ABC reports Santiago has now been put on a strict diet. He was so obese, he was actually having trouble moving, so his mother Eunice Fandiño sought medical attention.

"Now he is going on a special diet of fruits and vegetables. Doctors want to wean him off of formula and get him down to 17 pounds to reduce the stress on his heart."

New York Daily News says Santiago's mother admits it was her own ignorance that led to her child's outlandish weight gain. 

"​Every time he cried, she gave him food or milk to calm down."

Volunteers at the Chubby Hearts Foundation have stepped in to help administer life-saving treatment for Santiago, who has been hospitalized many times since he was born due to his weight. 

BabyCenter notes the average weight of an infant boy from 6-9 months old is 16-21 pounds. It isn't until children are around 6 years old that they reach what baby Santiago currently weighs.

"Doctors say nothing, right now, is medically wrong with the baby, he's just been overfed." (Via WDRB)

The Daily Mirror reports Santiago is officially Colombia's fattest baby, a title he likely won't be proud of when he's older. 

"[The] Chubby Hearts director... said the boy would be evaluated by specialists at Bogota's Colina Clinic. They would try to bring his weight down then embark on a series of operations."

A surgeon noted Santiago will need plenty of physical activity and health education when he's older. He noted if the young boy stays heavy, he could end up suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure.