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New Smart Automotive Technology Took Center Stage At CES 2023

Would you drive a truck so smart that it will follow you along when you step out of it?
Posted at 8:48 PM, Jan 08, 2023

From electric race cars to giant remote control dump trucks, CES in Las Vegas is packed with plenty of automotive hardware.

But it's software and artificial intelligence that promise to turn driving into a hyper-connected experience, a future just up the highway.

And the ride will be colorful. BMW showed off this kaleidoscopic concept car, covered in panels that turn every shade of the rainbow.

Sony, known for electronics, is teaming up with Honda and debuting a new electric car called Afeela. It has 45 sensors and cameras and will hit the road in 2026, joining cars that are getting sleeker.

"37 inches of screen space … Integrates their personal digital life with their mobile digital life," said Christine Feuell, brand chief executive officer for Chrysler and a member of Stellantis.

And smarter. If the driver of a new Ram-concept pickup gets out to walk, the truck will follow along, like a puppy.

CES 2023 Highlights Huge Possibilities For Electric Vehicles

CES 2023 Highlights Huge Possibilities For Electric Vehicles

According to a study, electric vehicle owners can save as much as $24,500 on fuel costs by having an electric vehicle for 15 years.


Blackberry, known for the first smartphones, now offers software to run computers with four wheels.

"We're starting to see more and more automotive companies come here showcasing what it is they want to do with this data-driven type of experiences within the vehicle and software is really the foundation to be able to enable that," said Sarah Tatsis, SVP of Platform Development at Blackberry.

Wheels will soon be getting wings. California company ASKA plans to make this prototype four-seat flying car a reality by 2026.

"The vision in the future is drive autonomously and fly autonomously. We will be able to fly for 250 miles," said Guy Kaplinsky, ASKA CEO and founder.

We took the simulator for a spin.

Driving, then lifting skyward.

Imagining future travel to places where we don't need roads.