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Google Redesigns Its Embeddable Maps

Google has refreshed its embeddable maps, giving them more features and a visual style to match its web and mobile mapping software.
Posted at 2:00 PM, Nov 28, 2013

Google has issued an update to its incredible embeddable maps.


In a blog post detailing the changes, Google explains it's bringing its embedded maps up to speed with the most recent versions of its web and mobile maps services, which got refreshed in May.

This means new visual styles, plus seamless features like automatically displaying custom or saved content for anyone who’s signed in. But TechCrunch says despite the updates, the mini maps don't do everything their bigger siblings do.

"Unlike the regular Google Maps, though, these embeds don't feature the advanced 3D view that Google introduced earlier this year. Users are limited to a top-down satellite view and the regular maps view."

The new embeds are still a beta feature for the moment, so interested users will have to opt in to the latest version of maps on Google's website to see the new changes.

But a writer for AndroidBeat says everyone will see these features sooner or later, whether you like it or not.

"Personally, I've opted out of using the new Google Maps because I don't like the layout, the font rendering, and the colors … Knowing how Google works, however, they'll eventually shove the new Maps UI down my throat."

Google says it also plans to include advertisements directly within the embedded maps, the same way it does with its desktop and mobile maps — but those aren't expected for another few weeks. (Via The Verge)

Any embeds currently in use will retain their legacy look and work as they always have. Google has yet to announce a final date for a wider rollout of the new maps.