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A Global Cyberattack Hit Over 2,000 Computer Systems ... And Counting

Since starting in Europe, the cyberattack has spread to over 2,000 computer systems internationally.
Posted at 8:10 AM, Jun 28, 2017

A global cyberattack that started in Europe is spreading to major government agencies and international companies. And experts are still trying to figure out who's responsible.

Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab found over 2,000 computer systems have been hit, and the number is increasing.

This number includes major pharmaceutical companies, advertising firms, banks, shipping companies and government agencies.

The first reported attacks homed in on Ukraine. The official government's Twitter said they were working to contain the issue, and Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko confirmed the government's computer system had been shut down.

Other Ukrainian departments affected include the postal service, railway company, metro system and power grid company.

The ransomware attack encrypted computer files and held them ransom for $300. The bitcoin address used for the transactions shows some organizations are giving in.

South Korean web-hosting firm Nayana reportedly paid $1 million for its data.

Although no one knows yet who's behind the attack, some are comparing it to the WannaCry cyberattacks from May. One expert told The New York Times that Tuesday's attack is "improved and more lethal."