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Father Arrested For Charging Electric Car At Son's School

A man in Georgia was charged with theft for charging his electric car on school property.
Posted at 4:44 PM, Dec 04, 2013

Fueling your car is a fairly easy process. You pull up to the pump, pay, and fill your tank. But a Georgia man found that the process isn't so easy for an electric car.

Kaveh Kamooneh tried to charge his Nissan Leaf at his son's school in Chamblee, Ga., last month when a police officer informed him since he was using the school's electricity, he would be charged with theft. (Via Jalopnik)

Kamooneh was arrested at his home 10 days later and spent 15 hours in custody. (Via International Business Times)

So, how much electricity did Kamooneh take?

Well, not much. Kamooneh said his car was plugged in "for about 20 minutes," which got him roughly 5 cents worth of electricity. (Via Fast Company)

But the Chamblee Police Department says theft is theft, regardless of the item or amount stolen. Kamooneh, who is specifically charged with taking without consent, says the logic doesn't apply.

"Cell phones, laptops are regularly nowadays charged without consent at public places or commercial places." (Via WXIA)

Kamooneh plans to fight the charges against him.