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FEMA Scrubs Mentions Of Climate Change From Its Strategic Plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency released its four-year strategic plan on Thursday, and it no longer mentions climate change.
Posted at 1:38 PM, Mar 16, 2018

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has scrubbed all mention of climate change from its latest strategic plan.

FEMA, which coordinates government response to natural disasters like floods, wildfires and hurricanes, released the plan on Thursday. Unlike the previous Obama-era version, this document doesn't mention climate change, global warming or related terms. 

Outlets point to one passage that reads, "Disaster costs are expected to continue to increase due to rising natural hazard risk" but doesn't say what contributes to that increased risk. 

This isn't the only time a Trump-era federal agency has made a move like this. Last year, the White House dropped most mentions of climate change from its website, as did the Environmental Protection Agency.