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Asking For A Friend: How Do I Fix 'Skinny Fat'?

Newsy's Cody LaGrow takes on the battle of the bulge by asking a lifestyle and weight loss coach how to transform his "skinny fat" physique.
Posted at 12:03 PM, Jul 19, 2017

"Skinny fat": A condition that's nature's backhanded compliment of making you think you look good. 

The scholars at Urban Dictionary define "skinny fat" as "when someone is thin and looks great in clothes, but is all flabby underneath." That definition makes it seem like it's strictly a cosmetic annoyance but having a higher body fat percentage can put someone at a higher risk for health complications, like high blood pressure, diabetes and even an earlier death.

Stephanie Mansour, the founder and CEO of Step It Up With Steph!, is a lifestyle and weight loss coach. She teaches people how to take the right steps on their journey to transforming their bodies. Newsy's Cody LaGrow asked the coach a few questions about his struggle to beat the bulge.

Cody LaGrow: "You see my body type. What's your takeaway?"

Stephanie Mansour: "I think you're a lost cause."

CL: "I have that moment of clarity, and I'm using running shorts as makeshift male Spanx. What's the next step?"

SM: "The next step is to create a mantra and to get really clear as to the reason why."

CL: "Abs?"

SM: "Why do you want abs?"

CL: "Because I hate muffin-topping over my jeans."

SM: "So what I would do for your mantra is, 'I like feeling really tight in my pants because I love people complimenting how good I look.' I want you to say that over and over and over, multiple times a day — that positive psychology."

CL: "How important is a support group when you're trying to get fit? Because I tend to be friends with a lot of hungry alcoholics."

SM: "You want to take an inventory of who is around you. It doesn't mean you need to drop those friends, the really fun party animal, you can still be a party animal and still be slim and lose weight successfully."

CL: "What's the go-to drink?"

SM: "The go-to drink is clear liquor with soda water and a tiny bit of your favorite juice. Make sure it's 100-percent juice."

CL: "Let's discuss diet. I'm trying to remove some jelly from the belly, put some ace in the base. What should I focus on?"

SM: "This is actually a part of my doctor-approved food program as well for my clients. You should be eating protein every three to four hours. The reason being is if you're starving, after seven hours of not eating, your body is craving pizza or a donut. Those sweets and those carbs look extra good. Are you a victim of that?"

CL: "That cheeseburger sounds delicious."

SM: "You want to lift yourself with protein or fruit, then your blood sugar levels will start to stabilize, and you won’t crave the burger."

CL: "I'm at home, and I want to start doing something. What do I do?"

SM: "Remember that five minutes is 500 percent better than zero minutes. So, do a five minute workout that focuses less on cardio and more on strength training, and then build that up over time and prove to yourself that you can do 30 minute workouts."

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