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Apple Just Dropped iOS 11 — But Is It Worth Upgrading Now?

iOS 11 has new multitasking features, an improved Siri and customizable Control Center.
Posted at 6:10 PM, Sep 19, 2017

Apple just updated its mobile operating system again with iOS 11, complete with some new features to help convince users to make the change.

On the iPhone, Apple hyped up a customizable Control Center, improved Siri and another push into augmented reality. Those new features will make the iPhone feel a little different, but it's actually the iPad that benefits most from iOS 11

With drag-and-drop multitasking, a Mac-like "Dock" space and file browser, Apple's tablets are going to look and feel more like laptops

Beyond new additions, iOS 11 is also getting rid of support for 32-bit apps. This means more than 180,000 apps won't be compatible with iOS 11, and some of those apps were preemptively removed this summer. 

Users can check to see if any of their apps are 32-bit, but most popular apps are actually safe.

Now may not be the best time to update devices because smartphone updates have a history of buggy launches. Apple isn't immune to that, and some users have already begun pointing out small glitches. 

If users still choose to update their devices this week, it's always important to back everything up, as well as set aside some time. The update could take between 30 minutes to two hours