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Apple Could Be The Latest To Join 'Smart Home' Tech Race

Google and Samsung are already developing "smart" home appliances. Now Apple is joining the tech race as well.
Posted at 6:47 PM, May 26, 2014

Behind Google and Samsung, Apple will reportedly be the next major tech company to take a big step in the race for smart homes. (Via Wikimedia Commons / SIMGO200)

The Financial Times, which broke the story, claims during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the company will be presenting a new software platform that would "turn the iPhone into a remote control for lights, security systems and other household appliances, as part of a move into the 'internet of things.'"

Mobile Apple products already connect to several devices on the market, such as CarPlay, which shows iPhone apps on your car's dashboard, and the almost 4-year-old AirPlay system for playing music on wireless speakers. (Via CNET)

"Now let's see what's news this morning." (Via ABC / "The Jetsons")

The article goes on to say many in Silicon Valley think "Jetsons-style home automation" is the next step in the seemingly incessant tech arms race. (Via The Financial Times)

And if the moves of recent tech giants are any indication, we'll be talking to our toasters in no time. 

"Is this a smart fridge?"

"This is a smart fridge. It's the newest Wi-Fi Samsung refrigerator right now." (Via YouTube / GetConnected TV Show)

In January, Samsung announced Samsung Smart Home, which allows you to control everything from your refrigerator to your washing machine using your smartphone or your desktop computer. 

Google also got in on the act in January with the $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, which makes smart thermostats that, by the way, look way cooler than any thermostat you've ever owned. 

"Going with Google, we can get financing, but we get access to resources that allow us to the move the products around the world much more quickly." (Via Bloomberg)

The Worldwide Developers Conference is set for June 2 through June 6 in San Francisco, California. Apple is rumored to display this new smart home tech as well as iOS 8 and possibly the iPhone 6.