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TSA released the paw-fect 2024 calendar and it's free to download

With a commitment to protecting and serving, meet some of the furry heroes who diligently work in airports across the nation.
Lubo-Lugo, Csimbok and Joker-Jordan.
Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 30, 2023

Meet some of the hardest-working pups in America featured in this year's "Paws-itively Cute" annual canine calendar by the Transportation Security Administration.

Brace yourself for a year of adorable canine cuteness! The TSA's new calendar spotlights 15 airport superhero pups carefully chosen from dozens of entries submitted by K-9 teams nationwide.

With a commitment to protecting and serving, more than 1,000 furry heroes diligently work in airports across the nation, making this calendar a delightful tribute to their pawsome efforts.

“TSA uses canines as part of its multilayered security operations nationwide and also trains about 300 canines each year. These highly skilled dogs are trained to detect the scent of explosives or explosive materials,” saidTSA in a press release. “TSA canines are paired with handlers who use the working canine’s keen sense of smell to help ensure security throughout the nation’s transportation system.”

Each month in the calendar features cute dog pictures with simple information about the dogs like breed, birthdate, favorite treat, toy, and the airports where they work.

U.S. Transportation Security Administration,

While we would love to highlight every single one, here are some of Scripps News' faves. 

Starting off the year strong, the fabulous Gini-Gina is featured in January. She's a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois who works at LaGuardia Airport, and while she loves her job, for her, ball is life!

Decorating America's favorite month, July, is Zita, a 3-year-old German shorthaired pointer from the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. While snooping for bombs is her 9-to-5, she spends the rest of her free time playing with every toy possible. All the toys. Did we mention she loves toys?

September's star pup, Puk, shares a common passion with this article's writer — lounging in the sun. The 6-year-old German shorthaired pointer reigns as the queen of sunbathing when she's not busy working at the Boston Logan International Airport. 

As a bonus treat, the calendar features two TSA-trained canines: Kari, who loves Kong toys more than any dog out there, from the Bangor Police Department; and Rocky, the best fetcher in town, from the San Antonio International Airport Police Department.

Of course, we cannot forget about the 2024 cover girl (pictured above). That's Dina, a 3-year-old German shorthaired pointer and winner of the 2023 Cutest Canine Contest! She's an explosives detection canine at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas and worked at Super Bowl LVII, keeping the venue secure for fans.

The cherry on top? You can snag this adorable calendar for free at the TSA website!