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Amazon driver bitten by venomous snake while making a delivery

The Florida driver was reportedly bitten by North America's longest and heaviest venomous snake.
Eastern diamondback rattlesnake in brush.
Posted at 8:46 AM, Sep 20, 2023

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said an Amazon driver was in very serious condition after being bitten by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. 

According to authorities, the driver was making a delivery to a home on Monday in Palm City, Florida, when the snake coiled up near the front door bit the driver. The driver was struck in the back of the leg, above the knee, the sheriff's office said. 

The driver became ill right away and called 911. 

Authorities were able to find the driver using GPS coordinates. 

According to the Florida Museum at the University of Florida,the eastern diamondback rattlesnake ranges from 33 to 72 inches long and lives in all sections of Florida. 

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"The victim should seek immediate medical care from a physician or hospital experienced in treating snakebites," the Florida Museum said. "Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes are not aggressive and avoid direct contact with people and pets. Most bites occur when the snakes are intentionally molested or accidentally stepped on. This is a snake that should be simply left alone and not bothered."

The Smithsonian saysthe eastern diamondback rattlesnake is North America's longest and heaviest venomous snake. 

In addition to being found in Florida, they can also be found in the coastal plains of North Carolina and southern Mississippi through eastern Louisiana, the Smithsonian said.