The Trump Family Is Already Costing Taxpayers Millions

A month into the presidency, the Trump family's travel has likely already cost taxpayers over $10 million.
Posted at 7:25 PM, Feb 17, 2017

"May God bless the United States of America and God bless Boeing," President Donald Trump said, wrapping up his remarks at the Boeing plant in South Carolina on Friday afternoon. 

And with that, Trump headed down to what he calls the "Winter White House" — his Mar-a-Lago estate — for the third weekend in a row.

Trump will be working, but the trips run up a pricey tab paid for by taxpayers. As Politico estimated earlier this month, Trump's first trip down to Mar-a-Lago likely cost around $3 million. 

That estimate is based off the cost of a similar trip former President Obama took to Florida in 2013. 

Visits to Mar-a-Lago and some of Trump's other favorite properties could cost taxpayers "hundreds of millions of dollars" over the next four years, according to a report from The Washington Post on Thursday.

The Obama family's travel expenses during their eight years in the White House cost just shy of $97 million, according to conservative watchdog Judicial Watch

The Palm Beach Post reported earlier this week Trump's visits to his estate since he won the election have cost the local sheriff's office $1.5 million in overtime pay. Local officials are hoping for federal reimbursement.

This despite his repeated criticisms of the Obama family's travels.

"He plays more golf than the guys on the PGA Tour play," Trump said of Obama in February 2016.

And as Newsy has previously reported, the costs don't stop with the president. 

The Secret Service also protects his five children — four of whom are adults, and two of whom run the Trump Organization. So when Donald Jr. and Eric Trump travel around the globe for business, they're accompanied by Secret Service agents. 

This weekend, the two will be in Dubai for the opening of Trump International Golf Club, Dubai. Taxpayers will likely foot the bill for Secret Service hotel rooms, just as they did when Eric Trump traveled to Uruguay on business last month.

The Washington Post reported the hotel room bill for that trip was close to six figures.

And since Trump hasn't divested himself from his businesses, he and his family stand to financially benefit from those taxpayer-supported trips.

The tab also keeps running as first lady Melania Trump and the couple's son Barron live in New York City. Trump has said they'll move into the White House once Barron wraps up the school year. 

Until then, it costs New York City an estimated $500,000 per day to protect their home in a high-traffic area in the city. 

The city sought a $35 million reimbursement from Congress for security it provided around Trump Tower from Election Day to Inauguration Day. Instead, Congress reimbursed the city for $7 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, the Secret Service was previously looking to rent space in Trump Tower. The military is also reportedly considering renting space for the nuclear football for when the president is at his New York residence. Again, that too would cost taxpayers — and go to a Trump business.