Trump Still Hasn't Acted On One Of His Most Popular Campaign Promises

President Trump made a lot of promises on fixing infrastructure, but there's been no movement since he became president.
Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 13, 2017

President Trump has begun to make good on a few big campaign promises. Movement on the border wall? Check. A conservative Supreme Court justice nomination? Check. Rolling back regulations? Check. 

But there seems to be one biggie he hasn't taken action on.

Sure, it's still less than a month into his presidency. But with the velocity at which the new administration has been signing executive orders or sending signals on its priorities, it's a bit surprising infrastructure hasn't really been touched on — especially since spending money on bridges and roads is popular.

A Gallup poll found 75 percent of people surveyed agreed with spending more federal money to improve infrasturcture. 

And it's something even Democrats would work with Trump on. Spending more money on infrastructure has been something the left has been pushing for years. And Senate Democrats have already released their own $1 trillion plan, so it's clear this is one of the very few areas they'd be eager to work with Trump on. 

Infrastructure plans can provide a whole lot of jobs — especially blue-collar jobs the president has promised to make a linchpin of his presidency. 

But a Trump-sized infrastructure plan that increases federal spending might cause some serious GOP in-fighting, so that could be part of the holdup. It's not a conservative idea at all. 

Even though the majority of Republican lawmakers have jumped on the Trump train since last year, billions and billions of dollars of federal spending could be the thing that starts a huge fight in the GOP.