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Ginsburg Remembered As A Champion Of Women's Rights

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves behind a legacy of being a champion for gender equality.
Posted at 2:59 PM, Sep 19, 2020

James Packard: "Her legacy felt by women all over the country and all of us in the United States. Surely this country would look very different right now without her presence on that bench. Joining me now is the president of the National Organization of Women, Christian Nunes. Christian, thank you very much for being here with us, especially today. I wonder if you could just start with your personal reflections on what this loss means to you." 

Christian Nunes: "Sure. Well, thank you for having me, James. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is just phenomenal. She is a woman's rights icon and a legend. I mean, we look back as the history that she has left behind for women, and she really is the phenomenal role model and trailblazer for women's rights. I think about the contributions that women have looked up to her for with just the cases that she's done on the Supreme Court. The role model she's done for gender equity and women's rights, racial equity. I mean, just on so many levels she has made the pathway for so many women and women activists. So we are really feeling this loss for feminists now in general." 

Packard: "You know, we heard from Hillary Clinton, for instance, that RBG inspired her in her career. Um, but for Ginsburg, how different would our political and social landscape look right now?" 

Nunes: "I think it would look tremendously different. I mean, if you think about just her history alone a lot of her own work history was inspired by her own experiences of discrimination. I mean, if you kinda read through her her own, um, listening to her own interview, she talked many times about the her experiences, discrimination of sex discrimination and how that just really motivated her to reach out, and by the cases that she fought and she really fought for gender equity and equality. And I think that's really important to know that she felt that we all should be treated equally and we all should have the same experiences. And she was very, um, she had so much integrity in the work that she did, and I think that's what speaks volumes for her. And I think that's the legacy she leaves behind instead to have integrity in your fight. Um, and that's we look forward to pass, you know, to carry on with her as she ... the legacy that her integrity and her fight to the very end." 

Packard: "Christian Nunes, I appreciate your perspective on this and contextualizing what it means for our broader conversation. And you know what this country looks like going forward. Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it." 

Nunes: "Thank you. You have a great day."