Secret Service Vacates Trump Tower In New York Over Lease Dispute

The Secret Service is stationed at the tower to protect Trump's "permanent home."
Posted at 2:20 PM, Aug 04, 2017

The Secret Service has moved out of its Trump Tower post in New York City.

According to The Washington Post, part of the reason is because the Trump Organization and the Secret Service couldn't agree on a lease price.

Even though President Donald Trump hasn't been to Trump Tower since his inauguration, a security detail always has to be there since it's considered his "permanent home."

Rent in New York City is high, but space in Trump Tower is pricier than most places. The Pentagon pays more than $130,000 a month for space for its White House Military Office.

But for that space, the Pentagon leases from a private owner rather than directly from the Trump Organization.

In July, the Secret Service moved out of the building and into a trailer outside Trump Tower. Now, it's reportedly searching for a permanent space to set up shop.

But getting the Secret Service out of the building does alleviate a potential conflict of interest. The agency won't be sending money directly to Trump's business.