Republicans Just Lost A Tight Senate Race In New Hampshire

Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire was locked in a tight re-election race.
Posted at 5:31 PM, Nov 09, 2016

New Hampshire's Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte has lost her seat to the state's Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan.

The race was especially close, with Hassan leading Ayotte by just over 1,000 votes. Ayotte conceded Wednesday afternoon.

The match-up was a tight one. It was widely regarded as a race that could define which party controls the Senate — and the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. 

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Apparently hoping to win support from independent voters, Ayotte distanced herself and later entirely disavowed her party's presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

But Ayotte slipped up on that front one month before the election.

"Would you tell them to be like Donald Trump? Would you point to him as a role model?" a panelist asked Ayotte during the NECN debate

"I think that certainly there are many role models that we have, and I believe he can serve as president, and so absolutely — I would do that," Ayotte responded.

She later said she "misspoke" and that neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton is a role model. But her opponent ran with the moment.

New Hampshire will now have two Democratic senators.