Near-record number of restrictive voting laws enacted in 2023

A report by the Brennan Center for Justice found 11 states enacted 13 restrictive voting laws in the first five months of this year.
Voters cast ballots at a polling place.
Posted at 12:29 PM, Jun 21, 2023

It’s already been a busy year for voting rights at the federal and state level.

States passed a near-record number of new restrictive voting laws this year, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, a nonpartisan law and policy institute.

The center categorizes legislation as restrictive if it contains one or more provisions that would make it harder for eligible Americans to register, stay on voter rolls, or cast a ballot compared to an existing law.

The report found 11 states enacted 13 restrictive voting laws this year as of the end of May. Seven of these involved limiting mail voting, and six involved stricter photo ID requirements.

The 11 states are Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court confirmed key Voting Rights Act protections in a case in Alabama called Allen v. Milligan.

The high court ruled Alabama will be required to redraw Congressional districts, supporting greater representation of Black voters. This upheld a key section of the Voting Rights Act.

There are currently 31 other active federal cases that are similar to the Alabama case and involve redistricting, according to the Democracy Docket, a progressive platform for voting rights that tracks election litigation.

The Supreme Court building.

Supreme Court rules for Black voters in Alabama in redistricting case

The case had been closely watched for its potential to weaken the Voting Rights Act.